Contact:  Arne Svendsrud (Managing director)


Since 2010, Karriereverktøy has delivered the most innovative and user-friendly career guidance tools on the market. The tool is based on a unique mix of the most recognized theories in the field. Such as RIASEC, Narrative theories, value theories, theories on how to avoid cognitive overwhelm, research on the use of career information, decision theories, and career competence methodology.


There was a need for a flexible form platform where the tool could be sold to its customers, consisting of both public and private entities working with career guidance. There was a need for an administrative system for the customers, a project administrator at Career Tools, and access to the tool for candidates (respondents).


The Career Tools platform has been run using the previous version of Effect IO, Metreno. Since its inception, over 10,000 career users, hundreds of thousands of candidates and hundreds of companies have been clients. The tool has undergone major changes over time based on feedback from users and customers, which has been possible through the flexible solution.

Where needed, Effect IO has in collaboration adapted the platform so that it solves the task for the customer in an optimal way. An integrated system for handling form sales has been responsible for invoicing to customers and has handled about 30 million NOK in sales over these years.