Contact:  Ingrid Wibe (Managing partner)


For 19 years, the Center for Leadership has helped businesses, public and private, plan and implement various forms of organizational development. They assist throughout the process, providing advice and guidance for both individuals and groups.


For several years, Senter for ledelse (SFL) has conducted the energy company NTE’s (Nord Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk) annual employee survey / management evaluation.
NTE consists of around 800 employees and has a constantly changing organization, making accurate reporting challenging. In addition, there are a lot of employees who are out in the field, which means that it can be demanding for employees to find time and place for answering the survey.


SFL used Effect IO the employee feedback feature for data collection and reporting.

Effect IO was working together with SFL and NTE to deliver a complete process. Effect IO software was used for data collection and report generation. The data collection was conducted with a high response rate (about 90%).
Using the reporting functionality, we were able to create a highly customized data visualization that was integrated in the report. Each department and leader was given an individual report in PDF format. The report aggregated data for the department and compared it with company-wide results (internal benchmark).

After distributing the report across the organization, it was used as the basis of  SFL’s consulting work on leadership and organization development.