Data entry application

Build the leadership training process into our collaborative software. Not only is it like an app for leadership development, but you can also use the included video meeting feature to make it truly collaborative and real-time.

Its time to make the process digital, documented, and collaborative.


The system is built for two roles, the leadership trainer and the trainee. The leadership trainer has many trainees, while the trainee only has one trainer.

The administration system for the trainer is easy to use and allows you to work with many different companies and/or departments while keeping the security and privacy.

The trainee is simply logging in to a unique link where he/she will go through the process you define in the setup.


The software is built to support the process-based approach you have developed for the improvement of leadership skills.  This means that you can enable different modules in the leadership program to the trainee as time goes and he/she is ready for the next step.


We offer a wide range of components you can use to set up the program. These include:

  • Tasks with texts and checkboxes
  • Videos
  • Images/graphics
  • Descriptive texts
  • Textareas to write experiences, comments etc.

If the components we support aren’t sufficient, we allow building heavily customized components (small games and more) – which is custom development.

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