Powerful and simple survey project management

Inviting, reminding, supporting are familiar tasks we have optimized the survey project management-system for.

A unique approach

In Effect IO the survey project management is fully separated from the survey itself. This approach gives users some very good improvements compared to other survey softwares.

It makes it really easy to set up a project – you don’t need to touch the survey editor at all.

It is optimized for the task of running projects. So tasks like inviting and reminding respondents is so easy anyone (even without training!) can do it.

We have put a great deal of effort into enabling easy support to your respondents and clients during the data collection phase.

Simplify project management and increase the quality of the evaluation

With a concern for practical usage, Effect IO have been developed to make it easy even for persons without prior experience with these kinds of evaluations to administer the 180/360-feedback.

Why choose Effect IO?

Except an easy-to use software focused on the core tasks (inviting and report generation), you can choose between 180, 360 or any combination you want regarding feedback groups.

Pricing is straight-forward. A base fee and pay per candidate you invite (no fee for other roles like how many coworkers you add etc).

In addition to using the Effect IO MRF module in-house, you can sell access to your customers and partners so they can use it themselves using our merchant solution.