Single Team

Ida Marie Hembre

Project assistant

Ida Marie Hembre is an educated journalist from NKF and worked at a local newspaper after college. There she interviewed people in different professions and life situations in small and large cases. She was responsible for writing news articles, longer reportages, taking pictures and publishing articles on the newspaper’s website. The main topics in the journalist study were writing, communication, structure, and grammar. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in preschool teacher at DMMH. She has worked as an Educational Supervisor in a kindergarten for 3 years. Among the many work tasks, Ida Marie was responsible for an apprentice for one year.

She’s passionate about children with special needs, leadership, and communication. She always been interested in technology and digital content. Now she works with Managing Director, Frode Jakhelln Laugen, in the Effect IO firm as Project Assistant.

She works with content and layout of web pages, surveys, writes reports, and other written or technical tasks.