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In a hectic workday, you want to get the reports delivered without any fuzz. When development of your customer’s business is key, you shouldn’t need to deal with hard-to-use software. Our unique approach to survey project management allows you to easily get the process of gathering data started.

Get to the reports - don't deal with technicalities

Our workflow is designed so you can start directly with the data collection and get a highly customized report, based on your customer’s requests at any time. Saving your company for loads of manual labor when adapting data into reports for distribution. A bonus is that comparing data from one department to another is a breeze.

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Improve data quality using our method for content structuring

The survey(s) you are running to your clients is to get a refresh. Instead of just building it in #anysurveysoftware, we allow you to structure the content of your suvey into categories. In other words, your content is structured as building blocks.

You can send any combination of content categories to the clients, as one size don’t fit all. And without needing to start all over again with QA of the content and reports. Making respondents happier with shorter surveys.
It is a flexible, yet simple and unique approach to evaluations. It is very different from how you work in #anysurveysoftware – giving you connected data, higher quality evaluations and simpler workflow.

Manage client feedback with ease

Working with multiple clients, and keeping their data separate and secure is important. With our tenant-based approach, you can logically and visually separate client accounts. You can even let the client manage some of their work themselves if you allow for it.

For larger business consultancies, it is easy to give consultants access to only the clients they should deal with. Keeping your clients confidentiality in order.

But.. we already use another survey tool?

Ordinary survey systems provide a good way of creating ad-hoc surveys, polls and pilot surveys that later become grown-up and standardized surveys. When the survey has gone through after pilot testing, it can be implemented in Effect.IO, and make use of the unique features that we provide.

Examples of what kind of feedback you can use Effect.IO for

  • Candidate, Onboarding & Exit (Employee Lifecycle Research) Surveys
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Leadership 360 Surveys (360 Degree Feedback Assessments)
  • Other targeted survey research, as desired
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Culture Assessments
  • Internal Customer Assessment
  • Endless more opportunities

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