Become a merchant of surveys and reports

Until now, anyone wanting to sell their own surveys, tests, and other form-based tools would need to develop their own custom solutions. With the integrated webshop, you can use Effect IO to earn money from your customers.

Built-in features for a full sales system

Effect.IO provides the web based software where your customers use your tests and you sell them. All this leads to that you can focus on your very core of business: Make the tests relevant, sales and following up your customers.
We have been running tests on behalf of test providers since 2005, and have built up a great understanding of what is needed for making a test system stable and easy for your customers to use. Effect.IO have been used for both small projects and international big projects.

You wouldn’t need to think of any coding to use Effect.IO for your tests and evaluations, as we take care of all the set-up behind the scenes. Because of our experience and wide array of options for creating the optimal workflow for your customers, we provide a short time to delivery.

Why use Effect.IO

Developing high quality psychometric tests and work assessment evaluations requires a massive knowledge of research and a good understanding of the context they are applied within. To be able to sell your tests, you need to have a web based platform that complies with strict requirements for security and usability.

Without any coding you get the following features:

  • Service to manage the survey and set up reports
  • Workflows adapted to the test/evaluation content
  • Customized and advanced reporting options
  • Optional quality assurance of the surveys and reports for delivering the best value to customers
  • Real-time overview of sales you have made
  • Use of Effect.IO Webshop terms, EULA and privacy terms – no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to agreements with customers
  • Smart solutions for administering the tests
  • Shared responsibility for the delivery to the customer

Business model

Effect.IO is risk-free because of our business model. You don’t pay anything if nothing is sold of your tests and evaluations. All we charge for is the initial set-up. The rest is a share of what is sold of your tests on Effect.IO .
The relationship with your customer will still be yours, and with a split responsibility of what is provided between you as content provider and us as technical provider.

Support for your customers will be by you so you will keep the relationship, while we provide 2.-level helpdesk for complex issues.


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