The Effect IO method

The Effect IO method is about giving you more valid and reliable data by continuously improving the input quality.

Reducing total survey error

Our main goal is to help you reducing the total survey error (TSE). The standardization process that we provide, will help on this. Curious what total survey error is? Check out this Wikipedia article for a general overview

Or some of the very good articles about the TSE

The Effect IO method is about giving you more valid and reliable data by by continuously improving the input quality.

Your surveys (should) always have a clear goal and intended effect. Whether it is about assessing or measuring. An effect can be team collaboration effectiveness, recruiting best candidate, getting data for your research project etc. And if the data you are getting isn’t trustworthy, you could probably drop running the project. Worst case; if you got data that isn’t trustworthy and is being seen as “objective” data, it can lead to erroneous decisions.

The best way of improving quality is a to continuously tweak what decides the input, the survey content itself. So we have built a unique product that enables this for you and your organization.

How does it work?

1. the survey itself is centralized in your account. This makes all projects data being connected.

2. By structuring your surveys content in Effect IO into measurement categories, you can create endless amount of variants of the survey to end customers by simply selecting what categoreis you are to measure in a project. Without even touching the survey editor.

3. Huge simplification of the process of running surveys for non-technical users makes usage of surveys more extensive.

4. When getting the data in your central survey pool, you can assess statistically what questions that are good and not. Our editor approach allows you to put questions (even grid-questions!) into an archive and add new ones without loosing anything. With this we provide a life-cycle or your survey so it is always up to date.

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