With Effect IO you get a feedback and reporting system intended for organizational use. Stop using a #justanothersurveysoftware that is optimized solely for the marketing department.

Better feedback data and simpler reporting for leaders

Many of our features, like visual organization, are specially built for working well in modern big organizations and will ease your task of getting high quality feedback from the employees.

For the HR and HSE departments using Effect.IO this leads to savings and faster processes when evaluations are to be performed and analyzed

Advanced reporting and survey options

With our unique approach to survey and reports, we build whatever you need from visualizations and survey logic.
The reports in Effect.IO Dashboard has a fine-grained secure access. Each report and project can be set up with different levels of access. All dependent on survey and project configuration. So only the people given access to a report can access it with their username and password.

Only one username and password is needed for getting access to all reports a user have been given access to. Simple for the user, secure for the organization.

All reports are possible to view online in any device and export to beautiful PDF documents.

Cares for your employees privacy

Your employees privacy is very important for us. Therefore we have built in features that makes privacy a simple task to handle.
You can define access to reports that are anonymized
Define minimum amount of completed respondents needed to show data in reports
Access to projects are restricted to individuals in a company by default, so identifiable data (as distribution lists, individual responses etc). isn’t accessible for anyone else but those in need for them

Create documentation tools

In addition to being a tool for evaluations, we can build tools for documentation of processes. If you are evaluating vendors in tenders, you can create a form for different types of tenders where you distribute requests regarding compliance and other questions in a standard form. The results can then be exported into PDFs or displayed in the Effect.IO Dashboard.

Surveys and evaluations governance

You will need to standardize your organization measurements and as result, increase quality.

Effect.IO will work together with survey and content export in your company to create the best possible value for the users of the evaluation data.

When your organization have a single source of evaluations available, there will not be possible for ad-hoc surveys of low quality to slip through the organization.

Connects with your HR/HSE software using api

Automate the distribution of surveys (for instance Exit and Entry-surveys) by connecting your system to our API. This will increase the usage of surveys like Entry and Exit interviews to a very high degree.