Employee feedback

Effect IO is built with employee feedback in mind. As a result, you will find both features and workflow adapted to simplify the process of creating and running surveys for employees in enterprises.

Intuitive survey editor

Our editor is built to be intuitive, and present the survey as it will for respondents.

The features are built to compete with any survey system out there:

  • All the question types you expect from a VoE software
  • Branching questions
  • Full flexibility to style the survey the way you want

In addition, we have built a powerful feature where you can use a subset of the survey pages in projects. This is very useful if you are having for instance short and long versions of the same surveys.

Get finished reports directly from the system

To get reports that is presentable for leaders, employees and other stakeholders, you would normally go the way through Excel and Powerpoint to get the branding and content correct.

Our powerpoint-like report editor and the comprehensive chart editor makes that approach unnecessary.Configure the report branding/design, add all texts and configure the charts exactly as you want. Export reports that is ready to be handed out to recipients directly from Effect IO.

We also support multi-lingual reports out-of-the box, so same report setup can be in any language you choose.

Built-in organization chart editor

The organization chart editor is interwoven with the projects and reports. This enables you to aggregate results from departments, simplifying report export tremendously.

Simplified project management

Managing a data collection project with surveys can be a daunting task in many systems. To simplify this task, and making support during data collection easier, the project management part is built to optimize this task.

You can invite respondents one-by-one manually, or upload tens of thousands of respondents in one go. We support both ways.

Compare departments and projects in one report with few clicks

Our unique approach to surveys and reports makes it possible to create comparison reports in a very simple way. Select if you want to compare this years department results towards last year department results, and the company aggregated total.

Additionally we have built in possibility to add benchmarks to reports, which is also easily added to the report.