Academic Research

We provide some unique features that enables high quality in your data collection, and in the same time minimizing the post-processing work of cleaning and organizing data.

Surveys for academics research

The collection and analysis of raw data is a vital part of many academic research and scholarly project. The collected data adds weight to your research and its analysis supports or disproves your theory. Surveys and questionnaires can be used across every discipline and responses collected using varying methodologies. With our online survey tool you can download your results ready for including in your thesis or export data to excel for further analysis. Whichever methodology you choose, is a convenient, affordable and efficient way to collect and analyse your data.

How to use online surveys in your academic research

Surveys are an imperative aspect of many academic and scholarly programmes and projects. When you have hundreds of responses to collect and data to analyse, conducting this research with paper surveys proves very time consuming. By using an online survey software, you remove the additional hard work so you can concentrate on analysing your findings.

With an online survey software you have the flexibility to conduct multiple studies using multiple methodologies, all from a centralised location. Whether you are conducting quantitative research with cross-sectional studies, opinion polls, longitudinal studies, social attitude questionnaires or qualitative research with open text surveys, SmartSurvey will be able to help.

Surveys can also be used to hone your research methodology. By sending a pre-test survey to a sample of your audience you can find out if your questions are easy to understand and ensure you’re using the best distribution channel. This will ultimately save you time and increase your survey completion rates.

Examples of academic research surveys

Here are a few types of research surveys and how they can be used by academics and scholars:

Economic and social research

Social science is, broadly speaking, the study of people and the way we influence the world around us. Social and economic research therefore plays a vital role in many organisations, from government to public sector services. Conducting surveys is an imperative aspect of this research, so we offer advanced and flexibility tools to manage most research projects.

Healthcare and medical research

Investigate patient demographics, identify common health issues, and assess healthcare access, and much more.

Business studies

Looking to find out what business are in your area, how many people they employ, or where there are gaps in the market? Reach out to these industries with quick to complete and user-friendly online surveys.

Lifestyle and sports science

Use lifestyle and health surveys to collect information from your target audience about their exercise habits, eating routines and sleeping patterns, and much more.

Childhood development and education

Online surveys are a user-friendly way to conduct research projects on classroom climate, parent and school relationships, student satisfaction and concentration, and lots more.

Dissertation research

One of the most commonly used methods of collecting data for dissertation topics is the online survey. SmartSurvey enables you to create surveys, distribute them and get the answers you need, quickly.

Demographic surveys

We can help you reach the exact target audience you need for your academic research. Select who you need to survey (age, gender, location, profession, house hold etc) and our  feature will do the rest. You’ll get the exact number of responses you need from the right people, fast.