Contact:  Hege Gade (PhD)

About the project

The PSYMO study (= Psychology in Morbid Obesity) is underway in a research project at the Center for Sick Obesity (SSO) in Helse Sør-Øst, the hospital in Vestfold. The PSYMO study is part of a doctoral dissertation and is a collaborative project between SSO and the University of Tromsø. The PSYMO trial is a randomized controlled trial in which we will include 100 patients undergoing obesity surgery. There were mapped personality, eating behaviors, motivation, depression and anxiety in the patients.


The project wanted to conduct data collection from patients in the study using a digital tool. Previously, only paper-based tools have been used. The method had to be approved by both the patient representative and the Regional Ethics Committee (REK).

Result / solution

By generating codes in advance and using a codebook that only SiV had access to, the study could use Effect IO (then Metreno) for the patient study. The codes were imported into the system and links to the forms that the patients were to fill in ifb with visits to the hospital were generated. By requiring questions to be answered and validating the responses, the data was of higher quality than using paper. Data file was exported and converted to SPSS for further analysis. The project was approved by REK